Frequently Asked Questions

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Is there a mobile version of Notebag?

Notebag is not available for mobile devices.

Can I synchronize my notes between devices?

Sort of! You can set the note storage path of Notebag to your Dropbox or other cloud storage and sync your notes this way.

Where are my notes stored? Is it secure?

All notes are stored locally on your computer. You can configure where exactly. They are saved in a file encrypted with the AES-256-CBC algorithm. The only person able to access them is you.

Are my notes locked into Notebag?

No, they are not. You can export your notes at any time by opening the application preferences and selecting the “Export” option. Your notes will be exported to a folder full of plain Markdown files for you to use however you please.

Who is making Notebag?

My name is Richard Blechinger. I developed Notebag between March and June 2020. Due to obligations with other things in life, development has ceased as of October 27, 2020. You can however find the source code on GitHub if you feel like making Notebag better yourself!

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