Every change made to Notebag as part of the development is listed here. Be sure to check back regularly to find out about new features!


24 June 2020

A comprehensive update that adds a new way to organize your notes, improves usability and allows importing of notes for the first time.


⌨ī¸ Autocomplete for note links and categories! No more tedious remembering of note names and what categories you used that one time. Notebag helps you now.

🗂 Projects for your notes! Categories now function as projects in which you can group your notes. You can then add these projects to the sidebar to quickly access them.

📌 Pinnable notes! You can now pin your most important notes in the note overview and separately for each project. No more need to search or look around.

🧮 Math integration! You can now enter any LaTeX math you can think of between $ signs and get back beautifully rendered math!

🚛 Note importing! You can now import your existing notes from a folder of .md files! Be sure to check the tutorial notes to see how it works

↩ī¸ RTL language support! For all those of you who speak a right-to-left language: You can now write your notes in them. Notebag automatically recognizes the characters and switches the note to RTL mode.

🏎 Performance improvements! For those of you who use lots of images in their notes, Notebag saves images to an external directory now. This should prevent stuttering while typing.

How do projects work?

Projects are a new extension of the hashtag-based categories. Instead of a simple list of categories, you now have the ability to tag each note as usual and have it appear in a dedicated project view.

In the projects tab you have the ability to select one of your created projects. When you do, you will be shown all notes that are related to this project and you can filter them as you would in the note overview.

For each project you can also have pinned notes, in case you want to have some important project-specific notes that appear up top. Do note that a note can only pinned in one project at a time.

Up to 6 projects can also be pinned to your sidebar so that you can have quick access to them at any time!

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15 May 2020

First post-release update that adds many of the most user-requested features and delivers and overall improved experience of the app.


🔗 Bi-directional links with context. Any link you create will now have a corresponding backlink in the other note. It also has a live-updating view of the closest paragraph for context!

🗃 Note archive. If you have notes you want to get rid of, but not fully delete. Archived notes are fully searchable!

⚡ī¸ Improved navigation. In the note overview, omnibar and archive you can now use the arrow keys to navigate. You can also press Enter in the search field to automatically select the first search result. You can now also press Enter to switch from the note title to the content!

👀 Toggle Dock icon. You can now show/hide the Dock icon based on your preferences. This allows you to Alt/Cmd-Tab to the app like all other ones.

👓 Adjust the font size. There is an new preference that allows you to adjust the editor font size between 10 and 24 pixels. Just in case you want to get up close, or you want have more content on your screen!

🌓 Light/Dark mode shortcut. You can now toggle light or dark mode with a global keyboard shortcut! By default it is Ctrl/Cmd-Shift-L.

đŸ–ŧ Copy images directly from Notebag. You can select images and paste them straight into Gmail, Imgur, etc.

📋 Copy markdown from your notes. If you select a piece of text from Notebag and copy it, you will get the resulting markdown in your clipboard. Makes for super easy copy-pasting to other Markdown editors.

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04 May 2020

✨ Initial release

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Instant live preview while you type

Light and dark mode supported

100% keyboard compatible

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Bi-directional linking for con­nect­ed knowledge