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Organize your notes without getting distracted

Notebag is a fully keyboard-compatible note taking app that links all your knowledge and gets out of your way

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Notebag is a new experience in note taking

It has been designed from the ground up to be usable from your keyboard. You can show and hide it with a global shortcut so you'll never have to break your flow. No more opening another app or your browser just to jot down some quick thoughts.

Packed full of features you'll love

All the things you need to write great notes are within arms reach. From Markdown support to a fuzzy searching your notes, we've got some great things for you!

Fully keyboard compatible

While using Notebag you'll never have to touch your mouse (but you still can). Every single aspect of the app has been optimized for keyboard use.


You might know it from your code editor: A central place for you to run commands and find notes. You've never moved around your note taking app this fast!

Fuzzy search for notes

Just remember a fraction of what you wrote three weeks ago? No problem! The fuzzy search helps you find exactly what you're looking for.

Markdown & Instant preview

Notebag treats Markdown as a first class citizen with support for all common formattings and instant preview. No switching to a preview pane here!

Bi-directional linking for notes

Every note can be linked to every other using Markdown! This allows you to build a personal knowledge base that is completely connected.

Categories and projects

Projects are like hashtags that help you get your notes in order. Throw a tag onto the relevant notes and you can have all your notes grouped by topic.

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Download Notebag

100% free

Download for Windows, Mac and Linux

Instant live preview while you type

Light and dark mode supported

100% keyboard compatible

Quick show and hide for minimum distraction

Bi-directional linking for con­nect­ed knowledge